TEE: Notice of decision to Be on a Register and the Department of Graduate Engineers in the TEE – clarifications on unsubstantiated arguments that circulate

Following a decision of the Council of State (Coe) and the text that we saw with surprise that the company has posted the ΕΕΤΕΜ in website and has been breeding of serving web pages, the Press Office of the TEE clarifies the following:

  • The decision of the Coe, which is vaguely mentioned in the texts circulating, it is the number 1754/2021 D Department of the Supreme Court of Cassation
  • This decision in no way contained anything that could on the basis of the Greek language and common sense be interpreted in accordance with the έωλους ratings and unsubstantiated arguments that lists a private body such as the ΕΕΤΕΜ

The Technical Chamber of Greece, as the largest professional and scientific institution in the country, official – by law – the technical advisor of the Greek State and legal person governed by public law, by which collectively represented more than 110 thousands of Engineers members, and at the same time by which it is expressed over time the technical people of this country, it must specify the following:

  • The Coe is not decided that the establishment of a Registry of Graduates of Engineering at T.E.E. it is supposedly illegal. Any such claim is self-evident spread of false news, and the claiming assume responsibility for their actions and their words
  • On the contrary, Be accepted that the basis of the institutional framework of the technical chamber of the decision of the I/TEE-2017 for the establishment of a Department of Graduates of Schools of Higher Education in T.E.E-in the context of the responsibilities of the technical chamber of greece, has no words in nature, and, indeed, the Coe considers that there has not been a plea, and the decision has been απαραδέκτως, while expressly states that this has not been examined if the TEE has the right or not to establish such a department
  • The Coe relied on the rationale that he needed the establishment of a Registry of Graduate Engineers to the TEE to be preceded by the establishment of the respective department in accordance with the founding provisions of the TEE
  • The Coe also considers, on the basis of administrative law, that the decision of the technical chamber of greece for the establishment of such a Registry to facilitate the Graduates of Schools of Higher Education in T.E.E to use the ever-expanding online services to engineers alone is not a sufficient justification for the establishment of the registry
  • Mainly based on these two reasons, and considering that require specific and not a general provision of law, the Coe annuls the decision of the I/TEE for the establishment of a registry and on the contrary, does NOT invalidate the decision of 2017 on the establishment of a Department, opening and legally, at the highest level, the way for the structured legally promote the integration of Graduates of Schools of Higher Education in the Technical Chamber of Greece

It is also clarified that the interlocutory judgment of the Department of the Coe for the possibility of registration or non-natural persons, the Register of Technical Names of the TEE, along with the record companies, not included in the operative part of the Decision of the Coe and anyway needs to be further interpretation in view of the constitutional need for equality between enterprises of different legal forms, and other settings of the legislation.

The TEE, faithful to the statute of the order and the provisions of the legislation, as it should, will pursue its efforts to ensure that the role and work of Greek Engineers and ensure that the levels of technical responsibility that correspond to all of the factors of production techniques, projects and studies, for the benefit of the public interest.

The TEE respecting the Decisions of the Justice and committed to the provision and support of the work of all the Technical World will adjust the structure to provide additional support of Graduate Engineers in accordance with the above Decision. As the rationale of the decision of the board Section of the Coe report, the TEE will consider and decide on the level of Delegation from the TEE, and then in the/TEE the establishment of a Department and subsequently Registry Graduates of Schools of Higher Education in T.E.E .

It is also noted that the TEE consistently promotes the establishment of Registers of all of the factors of production projects and studies, public and private, in order to ensure the level of technical responsibility, the public interest, transparency and the functioning of the market. It does not fully aware of the purpose of, and responsibility towards the state and the citizens, and calls upon the State the proper and rapid establishment and operation.

With regard to various other έωλους ratings and claims, the TEE is not juxtaposed in public with private entities, but must clarify to the public the following:

  • Any union, any persons, shall have recourse against the TEE to the Council of State acknowledges, in practice the public nature of the Chamber and the administrative competence
  • The TEE is not working with the purposes that are described in the statutes of associations or other private entities, nor with the properties of the states under the Constitution freely form such associations, but only strengthens as more Scientific Societies of specialties of Graduate Engineers in the country and each collective effort that promotes the development process of the country
  • No court, I couldn't guess the country's Highest Court, has judges on "competence" of private operators, or other such formalities, some people want to assume, or to imply, to show that they have some public authority. And I could something like that ever be done because it is contrary to the basic principles of law, the constitutional and legislative provisions and common sense.

In order to become all understood the above, the TEE – unlike other δημοσιολογούντες – gives you published the text of the decision of the Coe for any use of any showing of interest:


Source: TCG

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