The TEE/ΤΚΔΘ is the coordinator of the program “In2C - Integration of TCNs in the Construction sector”, a project funded by the Asylum and Migration Fund of the European Commission, Migration and Home Affairs.

For a lot of third-country nationals, the construction work is entering the labour market. Due to differences in culture, language barriers, and knowledge about the national policies, these workers have a greater opportunity to be exposed to risk factors in relation to work and to be excluded from this.

The In2C aims to facilitate and promote timely and effective integration of nationals of third-countries in the labour market in the construction sector through an integrated training, which is aimed at strengthening the language skills of the host countries in the field of their work and the networking of employers, who will work actively in the activities of the In2C.

The program aims to improve language skills in technical terminology, and to support knowledge at national and international level European policies (e.x. duties and obligations in the workplace, health and safety issues). The trained nationals of third-countries will have the opportunity to assess their skills through an online assessment tool and to receive a certificate, which could be entered or uploaded into the relevant platforms of the EU.

Lead partner of the project is the Technical Chamber of Central and Western Thessaly, while the rest of the partners are: KEK Demeter, Municipality of Larissa, Fundacion Laboral de la construccion (Spain), Documenta (Spain), Federation of Associations of Building Contractors Cyprus (Cy), Mediterranean Management Centre (Cyprus), Folkuniversitetet (Sweden), Sverige Stroj AB (Sweden).

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